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John Lewis Partnership’s vision is to be a truly customer-centric organisation, thereby standing out from the competition.

There is no shortage of feedback given by customers, whether online or offline, positive or negative. However, the varied nature of the data and data structures, combined with the different ways of working across teams, mean that it's difficult to glean a holistic picture of JLP's performance.

There is, however, an opportunity to work towards creating a single source of truth for the customer's voice, where insights can be easily accessible to all partners.


We understand that it's currently difficult for the John Lewis Partnership to surface a consistent landscape of customer pain points, and determine their effect on experience and business metrics in order to prioritise responses.

The team have conducted an in-depth analysis of the existing data landscape, ran stakeholder interviews with representatives of the Customer Voice team, Customer Voice champions, business areas, as well as Insight and Customer Experience teams.

The aim was to capture the current journey of customer data - from the raw inputs, to insights, to action - and the teams' ways of working in order to design a user-centred prototype and future roadmap.


Experience Blueprint

We interviewed 21 partners, creating research findings to inform the prototype and recommendations, as well as diagrams mapping current data flows, tools, and process timings.



  • Understand the experiences, challenges, and goals of different audience groups.
  • Analyse the landscape of existing processes, data flow, and usage across identified "customer voice champion" data sources.
  • Identify primary pain point themes across groups, to inform prototype and further recommendations.


16 Participants

1 hour sessions facilitated by the researcher. Standard interview format with one or occasionally 2 closely connected participants, to derive qualitative insights and information (fully remote).

Design & Prototype

Developed a working prototype (using R and ShinyApps) for the Voice of the Customer team to use as part of the voice consolidation process, and a future exploration of what is possible. Orginal mockups were created using Miro before moving into Figma for more high fidelity designs, the goal was to keep everything lean as we only had 6 weeks to build the prototype. I put together a lightweight component library to ensure consistency and scale for the developers.


We defined some future exploration of what the prototype could do beyond our 6 week engagement. Our focus was a providing a set of features to increase time efficiency and ensure the standardisation of inputs (to help the creation of insights).

We also designed an “Action Tracker” feature to ensure John Lewis Partnership could assign and own major customer issues and understand their journey and impact on the bottom line.