design tasks

/dɪˈzʌɪn tɑːsks/ 

1. A task performed during the later stages of the interview process.






A company that does not require any further introduction. "The Doctor App".

I was tasked with redesigning their "Monitor" experience in the app. Think of the "Monitor" screen as a place where the user can check all health information (step count, weight, calorie intake etc).






A smart AI bot that helps you manage your money. I was tasked with designing a desktop dashboard where the user could see all the essential financial information in one glance.

                                                                                         Exisiting Solution

                                                                                         Exisiting Solution

                                                                                                                               Proposed Concept

                                                                                                                               Proposed Concept

A second task was also set. Cleo at the time was working on a "Safe to spend" feature. This feature would allow the user to know how much they could spend (on a monthly basis) whilst keeping track of their bills, current spend and savings goal. 

Cleo at the time worked inside Facebook Messenger and the challenge was to implement this feature in a visually pleasing way inside a Webview. 





Hero accelerates omnichannel sales for the world's leading retailers by connecting online shoppers live with associates in the physical store. I was set the task to design an interface for the iPad based on the iPhone UI.





BuzzHire allows anyone to find the best temporary staff. Their iPhone and web app quickly matches employers with relevant staff. I was tasked with defining the feedback experience (across iOS and web) after staff had completed an assignment.