Onalytica is an enterprise marketing platform. It allows users to track and engage with influencers on social networks. The challenges faced by enterprise software are often similar and the IRM (Influencer Relationship Management) tool was clunky and not intuitive.

Redesigning and simplifying the platform was essential to allow users to easily scale influencer marketing campaigns. The software was lacking an easy way of tracking everything related to the campaigns. Naturally, the creation of a dashboard kickstarted the entire redesign of this product.


influencer profile

Increasing social engagement amongst influencers is essential in any campaign. Having a good knowledge of the influencer required a detailed profile with topics discussed by the influencer, their key connections and their ranking on specific topics compared to other influencers.


influencer feed

Every influencer marketing program is generally created around one topic. In order to increase effectiveness in influencer campaigns the user needs to be aware of all content created and posted around one topic. The Influencer Feed provided the user with this holistic view and combined with topic alerts it became a powerful tool to successfully track everything that was said by a community of influencers.


style guide & specs

It was essential to provide the developers and the wider business with a comprehensive style guide. This guide served as a reference during the initial development sprints but also in the future for new product features. The choice was made to also include specification on all UI elements.


wireframes & pricing models

One of the main challenges at Onalytica was to provide three levels of access to the software. Wireframes were created ahead of the designs to understand the user flow and define the levels of access for three different offers.


influencer discovery

Next to working on the enterprise software, Onalytica also created an influencer discovery tool which allowed users to easily surface influencers using a blog post or a white paper. Simply login with Twitter and upload a piece of content or link to an article (whitepaper, blog, news article etc) and the tool will surface influencers related to the piece of content.