Karhoo is the cab comparison app. The app launched on both iOS and Android in may 2016. It focuses on providing choice for consumers. It integrated with existing fleets across London and users can easily compare and book cabs through the app. Think of it as the Expedia for cabs.


first app experience

One of the bigger challenges at Karhoo was to explain to users the benefits of using Karhoo upon their first app entry. The taxi app market is a crowded one and Karhoo brings something a little bit different. It was essential to outline how Karhoo both in our communication strategy and our in-app experience.

Basic user flows were quickly established to understand the different experiences based on different levels of access and availability.



Outlining user benefit in the onboarding was essential. The decision was made to display easy to digest copy combined with powerful illustrations. Displaying core benefits such as choice, fixed prices and the ability to schedule taxi rides was primordial. The animation aspect ties together the overall experience and creates a memorable moment of delight for the user.



It was very important that we properly explained to the user why we wanted to access their location and why we wanted to send them notification. A similar approach to the onboarding was taken with clear copy and supporting illustration and animation. Everyone wants to know when their cab arrives!


cards cards cards

User communication is essential and is often overseen by most apps. Every app you have on your phone will at some point show (interrupt you) with a modal or a popover to communicate something essential to you. These modals are often very boring (plain text) and could be much more interesting and engaging.


app store

Every app has to be added to an app store which is the perfect occasion to design an engaging first screenshot. The idea here was to move away from the "classic" app screenshot and take the time to outline benefits of downloading the app.